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WhitePapers List

K-12 Education Networking Solutions

D-Link Meets K-12 Needs for Network Expansion Through Flexible, Low-Cost, Energy-Saving Networking Solutions.

Managing Small Office WLAN

This white paper introduces to you the D-Link® AP Array, which is a purpose-built WLAN management tool for the small office. It is built in the firmware and its configuration is effortless. All AirPremier 11n APs support this tool, which can manage up to 8 fat APs. This will make effective WLAN deployment affordable and simple to achieve.

Business Class 802.11n - Ready to Deploy

This white paper explores 802.11n technology and applications, while offering business leaders a solid educational foundation for making wireless deployment and purchasing decisions.

Low-Cost Support Services For Maintaining Network Uptime And Employee Productivity

This white paper details the challenges facing businesses that need to protect their network investments and offers an overview of D-Link's Support Services.

D-Link IP SAN Solutions Deliver Built-In Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

This white paper describes the challenges facing organizations that are increasingly exposed to data loss risk and offers an overview of D-Link's integrated hardware/software solutions. Our partnership with Software Pursuits allows us to offer SureSync replication technology on D-link products. As a result, our customers enjoy real-time data replication for immediate disaster recovery (DR) and continuous data protection (CDP) at a cost much lower than traditional fail-over solutions.

IP Surveillance Systems Powered By Feature-Rich Software - A Winning Combination

This white paper describes the latest functionality and features provided by state-of-the-art surveillance software, including some of the specific offerings available on D-Link's end-to-end IP surveillance systems. It will also detail some of the software platforms that now power D-Link's solutions as a result of teaming with Aimetis Corp. and On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc.

Managing Wireless AP Environments

This white paper examines the business challenges inherent to WLAN management and offers a brief look at D-Link’s AP Manager II.

Network Infrastructure Enhancement Solutions for Uncertain Economic Times

This white paper examines current networking challenges and purchasing pressures, best practices and considerations during critical purchasing processes, and specific D-Link solutions for tight budgets and power reduction.

Security Challenges and Solutions for the Transportation and Freight Industry

This white paper discusses the unique challenges faced by the transportation industry, the benefits of IP surveillance systems versus analog surveillance systems, and how D-Link is providing sensible solutions that meet any challenge.

Firewall Security For SMBs

This white paper describes evolving firewall requirements, the technologies involved and specific D-Link firewall solutions.

IP Surveillance for the Retail Market

This white paper addresses the problems faced by retail marketers, the advantages of IP surveillance video solutions, and how these solutions can increase returns on investment while lowering the total cost of ownership.

Storage Virtualization for SMB

This white paper discusses storage virtualization for backup, data recovery, and archiving for SMBs. It also highlights how our DSN solutions are an effective solution for the SMB market.

Evolution of Government Video Surveillance - Past, Present and Future

This white paper provides an historical look at the government’s use of surveillance leading up to today’s latest IP surveillance solutions.

IP Surveillance

This white paper describes the latest functionality and features provided by state-of-the-art surveillance software, including some of the specific solutions offerings available on D-Link’s end-to-end IP surveillance systems.

Protect Networks from Non-Compliant Remote Computers with D-Link Switches and Microsoft® Network Access Protection (NAP)

This white paper describes Network Access Protection (NAP) in detail, compares it to similar technologies from competing vendors, and shows how D-Link xStack switches fit into the scenario.

End Point Security Strategy

This whitepaper reviews the limitations of traditional end-user authentication mechanisms, meanwhile examining various advanced authentication mechanisms on Ethernet Switches and how they can help to secure enterprise networks.

Network Storage

This white paper explores today's network storage challenges, defines common network storage terms, compares technologies, and provides a brief introduction to D-Link's storage solutions.

IP Camera Remote Management

This white paper discusses the benefits of remote IP camera monitoring, the various ways remote events can be monitored and D-Link IP camera equipment designed specifically for remote management.

Wireless Switching

This white paper examines existing Wi-Fi challenges and explores the numerous security advances and manageability enhancements that wireless switch technologies provide.

VoIP for SMB

This white paper explains the advantages, benefits and opportunities available to businesses that adopt VoIP solutions and offers a brief overview of D-Link’s VoIP and IPT equipment.

Mobile Healthcare

This white paper details the challenges medical organizations face with respect to wireless technologies, switches and storage solutions, and offers a brief overview of wireless mobility solutions for healthcare. The latter portion delves into storage and switching solutions, and wireless IP camera technologies that enhance surveillance and monitoring capabilities. We also describe various D-Link® solutions that address mobile healthcare needs head-on.

Network Video Recorders

This white paper describes the new opportunities available to organizations that deploy NVRs, the technology involved, and the features typical in modern NVR solutions.

Web Smart

This solution brief discusses how D-Link’s Web Smart Switches offer a solution with key “managed switch” features without the hefty price tag of managed switches.

Security for Education with IP Surveillance Systems

This D-Link solutions brief describes the advantages of Internet Protocol (IP) surveillance systems in educational settings. It explains technology concepts, provides a benefit overview, describes advantages for specific education-industry security applications, and details the necessary requirements and considerations for implementation of the technology. Comparisons to other technologies like Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and traditional analog systems are also explored.

D-Link's Distributed Network Architecture (DNA)

This brief offers an overview of D-Link's Distributed Network Architecture (DNA), including how DNA works, its features and benefits, and a list of available DNA switches.

The New Converged Network

This solution brief describes the network-related challenges facing information workers, the business case for converged networks, evolving IP convergence solutions, and specific D-Link solutions for network convergence.

D-Link Green

This whitepaper offers a general overview of the green computing movement, the regulations and standards that are driving change, and specific D-Link solutions for adhering to energy consumption standards and enabling more flexible, less environmentally taxing work.

10GbE Switching

This white paper explains 10GbE solutions for fiber optic links as well as copper, summarizes market drivers, examines some of the more common applications, and details D-Link's 10GbE local area and wide area solutions.

Leveraging 3G Cellular Technology with Mobile Routers

This white paper details the differences between traditional Cable/DSL broadband connections, their extension through 802.11 Wi-Fi technology and emerging 3G cellular access.

Draft 802.11n

Small businesses that are considering wireless to expand network coverage and add connectivity and flexibility need to consider new draft 802.11n wireless equipment.

D-Link/Honeywell Switching and Security Solution

D-Link and Honeywell offer unique IP surveillance and security solutions based on proven switching technology and field-tested implementations across the globe. We combine professional services expertise, state-of-the-art networking equipment and extensive experience with high-traffic, multi-IP or analog camera implementations.


This whitepaper defines and describes IPv6, explores the advantages of the new protocol, and introduces D-Link's new IPv6 and IPv4 compliant solutions.

3G Mobile Router

D-Link 3G Mobile Routers enable secure 802.11g wireless networks anywhere with cellular data coverage. The D-Link Mobile Router family of products support all three major 3G data standards.


The D-Link xStack Storage products provide a very cost-effective way for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to meet their growing storage needs. The combination of iSCSI and SATA technology creates an easy to deploy, affordable solution that brings Storage Area Networking within reach of SMBs.


This solution brief provides an overview of the storage needs for small to medium-sized businesses and discusses a number of D-Link Storage Solutions that will meet these needs.

D-Link@Work Solutions

D-Link@Work end-to-end connectivity solutions are proven choices for the expanding network switching, network security, IP telephony, network storage and wireless networking needs of growing SMB.

Network Security

Introduction to the increasing importance and growing dependence upon reliable networks to carry out today’s business processes, and possible network security solutions for SMB.

IP Telephony

This white paper provides an introduction to IP Telephony and its benefits to small businesses, explains the basic concepts behind IP telephony technology, and provides an overview of its benefits and details how businesses can begin to deploy IP telephony.

IP Surveillance

This white paper describes the latest functionality and features provided by state-of-the-art surveillance software, including some of the specific solutions offerings available on D-Link’s end-to-end IP surveillance systems.

Power over Ethernet

This solution brief examines Power over Ethernet, its numerous advantages and D-Link’s specific PoE solutions and products.

Web Smart Switches

Introduction to Web Smart switches, explains the concept behind web-based switch technology, provides an overview of the product benefits, and details the network applications for web-based switches.

xStack Switching

This white paper provides an overview of how the xStack Switch Series by D-Link implements state-of-the-art technology to address critical requirements at the edge of the network.