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DWL-3600AP 802.11n 2.4GHz Single band PoE Wireless Unified Access Point

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DWL-3600AP - Unified N Access Point


  • High performance. Up to 300Mbps of network throughput
  • Self-configuring Cluster. Up to 16 DWL-3600Aps may be configured to form an autonomous cluster, thereby saving administrator from having to configure each AP one by one.
  • Unified Management. DWL-3600AP works with D-Link Unified Management System, enabling administrators to effectively manage hundreds of access points
  • Security. DWL-3600AP supports a wide array of authentication methods, ensuring that only authorized users have access to the network
  • Automatic RF Management. The DWL-6600AP constantly scans the airwave and choose the most optimized channel
  • Quality of Service. Advanced QoS mechanism may be put in place to ensure that high priority traffic isn’t interrupted in the event of network congestion.
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