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DSR-1000N Unifed Service Router

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DSR-1000N are targetingTechnology evolutions like IPv6, 3G, convergences of technologies so as to provide WiFi, Security and triple play in an integrated device are transforming traditional router to 'Service Routers' / 'Multifunction Routers'.


  • All Giga interfaces, including: WAN * 2 and LAN *4
  • Dual WAN achieves Internet connection failover & outbound load balancing
  • 3G WAN redundant1 ( with D-Link dongles DWM-152/156, only for DSR-1000N)
  • Complete WiFi support, 802.11 a1 / b / g / n (ratified version)
  • Comprehensive VPN, including: PPTP / L2TP / IPSec / SSL VPN
  • Outstanding firewall and VPN throughput
  • D-Link Green technology embedded
  • IPv6 support
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