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DFL-800 Network Security Firewall

This product is End of Sale
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This easy-to-deploy Desktop VPN Firewall solution is designed for small-to-medium sized businesses and is readily integrated into established networks.


  • Multi-Function VPN/Firewall Security Solution
  • Dual WAN Ports, 7 LAN Ports
  • Manage Up to 300 VPN Tunnels
DFL-1600 Rackmount VPN Firewall(DFL-1600)
DFL-1600 Rackmount VPN Firewall(DFL-1600)
By combining robust security features and an integrated VPN client and server, this Rackmount VPN Firewall is a high-performance security solution designed for enterprise and small-to-medium sized businesses.
NetDefend UTM Firewall Series 2500(DFL-2500)
NetDefend UTM Firewall Series 2500(DFL-2500)
NetDefend addresses your growing concerns over network security, hacker attacks, virus threats and increasing privacy demands. Each firewall in this series can offer you a high return on investment through robust security features, flexible configuration and maximum network protection.