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Board Meeting Notice – 29/05/2021
Board Meeting Notice – 06/02/2021
Board Meeting Notice – 07/11/2020
Board Meeting Notice – 10/08/2020
Board Meeting Notice – 27/06/2020
Board Meeting Notice – 08/02/2020
Board Meeting Notice – 08/11/2019
Board Meeting Notice – 02/08/2019
Board Meeting Notice – 25/05/2019
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Board Meeting Notice – 29/05/2018
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Board Meeting Notice – 02/11/2017
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Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2015
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AGM Voting Results - 2020 (New)
Annual General meeting Notice 2020 (New)
AGM Voting Results - 2019
Annual General meeting Notice 2019
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Annul General Meeting Notice 2018
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 Financial Results  
  2020-2021 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link unaudited results 31.03.2021
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2020
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2020
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2020

2019-2020 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link audited results 31.03.2020
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2019
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2019
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2019

2018-2019 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link unaudited results 31.03.2019
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2018
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2018
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2018

2017-2018 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link Audited results 31.03.2018
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2017
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2017
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2017

2014-2015 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link unaudited results 31.03.2015
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2014
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2014
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2014

2016-2017 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link Audited results 31.03.2017
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2016
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2016
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2016

2015-2016 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link Audited results 31.03.2016
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2015
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2015
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2015
2013-2014 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link unaudited results 31.03.2014
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2013
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2013
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2013

2012-2013 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link audited results 31.03.2013
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2012
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2012
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2012

2011-2012 Quarterly Financial Results
Q4 : D-Link audited results 31.03.2012
Q3 : D-Link unaudited results 31.12.2011
Q2 : D-Link unaudited results 30.09.2011
Q1 : D-Link unaudited results 30.06.2011

 Disclosure on Related Party Transactions    Subsidiary Financial Statements
  Statement for the period ended March 31, 2021
Statement for the period ended September 30, 2020
Statement for the period ended March 31, 2020
Statement for the period ended September 30, 2019
Statement for the period ended March 31, 2019
Financial Statements for FY 2019-20
Financial Statements for FY 2018-19
Financial Statements for FY 2017-18
Financial Statements for FY 2016-17
   Shareholding Pattern
Q4 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2021
Q3 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2020
Q2 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2020
Q1 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2020

Q4 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2020
Q3 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2019
Q2 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2019
Q1 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2019

Q4 – Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2019
Q3 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2018
Q2 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2018
Q1 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2018

Q4 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2018
Q3 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2017
Q2 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2017
Q1 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2017

Q4 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2017
Q3 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2016
Q2 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2016
Q1 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2016

Q4 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2016
Q3 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2015
Q2 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2015
Q1 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2015

Q4 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2015
Q3 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2014
Q2 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2014
Q1 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2014
Q4 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2014
Q3 - Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2013
Q2 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2013
Q1 - Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2013

Q4: Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2013
Q3: Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2012
Q2: Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2012
Q1: Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2012

Q4: Shareholding Qtr ended 31.03.2012
Q3: Shareholding Qtr ended 31.12.2011
Q2: Shareholding Qtr ended 30.09.2011
Q1: Shareholding Qtr ended 30.06.2011

   Corporate Governance
 Corporate Policies  
Composition of Board and Committees
Code of Conduct for Board and Senior Management
Code of Practices & Procedures for Fair Disclosure of Unpublished Price Sensitive Information
Result of the Postal Ballot
Circular Cost of Acquisition on Demerger
Independent Directors Familiarisation Program
Letter of appointment of Independent Directors
  Material Events disclosure Policy
Archival Policy on disclosures
Board Diversity Policy
Board Evaluation Policy
CSR Policy
Material Subsidiary Policy
Related Party Policy
Whistle Blower Policy
   Corporate Announcement
Details of Nodal Officer under IEPF Rules, 2016:
Name of the Nodal Officer : Shrinivas Adikesar
Email id of the Nodal Officer :

Details of Shares due for transfer to IEPF Suspense Account
Unclaimed Shares due to be transferred to IEPF
Shares transfer to IEPF – FY 2011-2012
Shares transfer to IEPF – FY 2010-2011
Shares transfer to IEPF – FY 2009-2010
Unclaimed Dividend Due for transfer to IEPF
Unpaid And Unclaimed Dividend Amount Year-2014-2015
Unpaid And Unclaimed Dividend Amount - Year 2013-2014
Unpaid And Unclaimed Dividend Amount - Year 2012-2013
   Board of Directors
Hung-Yi Kao, Chairman:
Mr. Hung-Yi Kao (Mr. Howard Kao) has over 10
years of experience in the IT industry. Mr. Kao’s
career started in 2004 with a Start-up Company
TelTel as a front-end web developer. Mr. Kao
joined D-Link in 2009 and held roles such as
mydlink front-end web developer and product
manager for the wireless controller/AP
product line. Mr. Kao also worked closely with
TeamF1 Networks to co-ordinate operations with
D-Link product teams. Mr. Kao joined the D-Link
Corporation board of directors in 2017 and the
Alpha Network board of directors in 2018. Mr. Kao
also holding the positions of special assistant to
the CEO and head of the IoT Strategic Business
Unit at D-Link Corporation.
Tushar Sighat, Managing Director & CEO:
Mr. Sighat has over 28 years of rich experience in the
IT industry. He joined D-Link as the CEO in 2011 and
played a crucial role in overcoming the turbulent phase
of the demerger and winning back the confidence of
customers, partners and employees. As MD & CEO, he is
responsible for driving D-Link’s growth and playing a
strategic role in strengthening its position as a leader
in networking industry. Under his dynamic leadership,
D-Link has continued to soar towards new heights of
success and grown manifold.
Mr. Tushar Sighat is also the Chairman of D-Link’s
subsidiary, TeamF1 Networks Pvt. Ltd. Industry bodies
across the globe have taken note of Mr. Sighat’s exemplary
leadership capabilities and he has been the recipient of
numerous awards including the prestigious ‘CEO of the
Year’ award at the CMO-Asia-World Brand Congress 2014.
His immense understanding of business across various
industry segments along with effective leadership,
superb management skills, consultative approach and
strategic planning, makes him an excellent strategist.
Mr. Sighat is a qualified BE in Electronics and Telecom.
Mukesh Lulla, Non-Executive Director:
Mr. Mukesh Lulla brings on the Board a unique blend
of technical expertise and savvy entrepreneurial
skills. As a veteran in global technology marketing,
business development, he is eminently qualified to
shape the high-level direction of the company's
technology investments. He holds a Master’s degree
in Electrical Engineering from the University of
Southern California, and a Bachelor’s degree in
Electronics Engineering from N.I.T. Surat. Mr. Mukesh
Lulla is also the co-founder of TeamF1 Inc., a
leading provider of security software for connected
devices. Under his leadership as CEO, TeamF1 grew
from a two-person company to a world-wide leader in
the security software space. He was responsible for
its vision, strategy implementation and execution.
Mr. Mukesh Lulla has been awarded several patents
related to programmable silicon and software
algorithms in the field of embedded networking
technology and security.
Satish Godbole, Independent Director:
Mr. Satish Godbole is a Chartered Accountant
in practice with 38 years of experience.
He is specialized in Company Law, Mergers
& Amalgamation and FEMA.
Madhu Gadodia, Independent Director:
Madhu Gadodia, the partner of Naik Naik & Company, is
a legal practitioner in the area of Technology Media and
Telecommunications (TMT) space and has advised on
several film productions and major television shows.
She has structured investment and production deals for
more than 200 films in India.Madhu has represented clients
litigations on copyright, trademark, film certification before
Supreme Court, pan India High Courts, CCI and TDSAT.
She has a honors degree in Science and holds a Bachelor’s
degree in Law. Madhu is an accomplished media commentator.
Rajaram Ajgaonkar, Independent Director:
Mr. Ajgaonkar is a Chartered Accountant in
practice with 40 years of post-qualification
experience. He is also qualified as LLB (Gen)
from Government Law College in Mumbai.
   Contact information for investor grievances
Registered Office address:
Shrinivas Adkesar, Company Secretary.
Plot No. U2B, Verna Industrial Estate, Verna,
Salcete - Goa – 403722.
Phone: +91- 832- 2885800/ 811 Fax: +91 -832- 2885423
Email :
Corporate office address:
Kalpataru Square IInd Floor, Unit no. 24, Kondivita Lane,
Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400059
Ph: +91-22-2921 5700
Fax: +91 -91-22-2830 1901
Registrar and Share Transfer Agents:
KFin Technologies Private Limited
Selenium Building, Financial District, Nanakramguda,
Serilingampally, Hyderabad, Rangareddi, Telangana-500032, India.

Toll Free No: 18003454001