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Wiggins Telephone AssociationWiggins Telephone Association - 3/2/2009

Colorado's Wiggins Telephone Association Offers Rural America True, End-to-End Fiber Optic Internet Access up to 100Mbps with D-Link® Equipment

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LiveAir NetworksLiveAir Networks - 9/2/2008

This case study considers how LiveAir Networks delivers low-cost, high bandwidth Internet connections to “sub-rural” Texas communities with rugged, manageable D-Link switches.

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Premier HotelsPremier Hotels - 10/31/2005

Premier Hotels Offers Guests Government Compliant Internet Access From its Properties With A D-Link Broadband Networking Solution

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Broadband NationalBroadband National - 9/28/2005

This case study examines how Broadband National, a premier service provider, increased value added revenue and enhanced the broadband experience by bundling D-Link home networking solutions.

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