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By Product - Routers

Wiggins Telephone AssociationWiggins Telephone Association - 3/2/2009

Colorado's Wiggins Telephone Association Offers Rural America True, End-to-End Fiber Optic Internet Access up to 100Mbps with D-Link® Equipment

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Badger Wash Car WashBadger Wash Car Wash - 8/1/2008

Midwest Car Wash Chain Solves Crime and Insurance Claim Problems with D-Link IP Surveillance Solution

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United States Air ForceUnited States Air Force - 4/30/2008

This case study explains how the United States Air Force saved $249,000 with D-Link’s 3G Mobile Router for a wireless cell network solution.

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Appleton CoatedAppleton Coated - 11/18/2003

This case study describes how Appleton Coated provided a remote sales force high speed Internet connectivity along with secure transfer of confidential company data using D-Link broadband VPN routers.

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Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. - 9/17/2003

This case study considers how Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. utilized a D-Link solution to connect 325 field sales people and virtual offices of various sizes to both the Internet and to Dr Pepper/Seven Up corporate servers.

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